The Final Report, that describes the achievements of ORCHID and refers to the relevant documents that have been delivered during the 2-year ORCHID project, can be downloaded here.



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  9. “State of the art of regulation, standardization and ethics” (D5.1)
  10. “Organ-on-Chip – outlook on the regulatory pathway” (D5.4)
  11. “Organ-on-Chip as next drug discovery route” (D5.8)
  12. “Societal primer on ethical use and implications” (D5.2)
  13. “Guideline for the research community” (D5.3)
  14. “Policy paper on ethics, regulatory and standardization” (D5.6)
  15. “Primer on organ-on-Chip – Desirable, safe & efficient” (D5.7)
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  17. “Current and future potential business models” (D3.2)
  19. “Questionnaire for stakeholders” (D3.3)
  20. “Identification of training needs” (D3.4)
  21. Brochure “Organ-on-Chip In Development: Towards a European roadmap for Organ-on-Chip
  22. Brochure “Organ-on-Chip In Development: Building blocks for a European Organ-on-Chip roadmap
  23. “Final report on dissemination and communication” (D6.3)
  24. Program, participants + slide presentations final meeting


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