Zaragoza, Spain
  14-16 May, 2018

On May 15 Iñaki Ochoa (UNIZAR) gave a talk on microfluidics at the Bull McCabes in Zaragoza, as part of the event “pint of science“. 

The Pint of Science is a worldwide festival which pretends to bring latest scientific research to the people through interesting and relevant talks in an accessible format, mainly across bars and pubs. This event takes place simultaneously in 21 countries around the world every year during the month of May.

On this occasion, Dr. Ochoa, member of the ORCHID project and professor at the University of Zaragoza in Spain, took the opportunity to explain to the general public what is the “Organ on Chip” technology and what are some of its possible applications.

On this occasion, he focused on explaining the use that is being made of this technology to seek new treatments and therapeutic targets in primary brain tumors.

The result of this event was a very relaxed talk between the public and researchers in which the interest of the society was revealed to know a little more in depth what are the new advances that biomedicine is generating.

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