Health EU has been recently selected as one of the final candidates projects for the second round of the process to become FET (future and emerging technologies) Flagships

The Health EU FET Flagship is a star Flagship initiative born as a result of merging revolutionary ideas about the future of healthcare and leading European research groups. Health EU will exploit most advanced organ-on-chip, smart nanosensor technologies and nanomedicine techniques to realise, validate and use such personalized human avatars in order to create a revolution in healthcare. More info here

The importance of spreading science to young people to create new vocations. Ignacio Ochoa (UNIZAR)  talks about ORCHID with students from various institutes and schools in Zaragoza

We all agree that research requires enthusiasm, passion and dedication. We do not lack that in our laboratory. Ignacio Ochoa (UNIZAR) talks about ORCHID with students from different schools in Zaragoza who had their first contact with science in these instalations. At a time when technology makes real achievements that seemed out of reach, new generations of researchers with attitude are all we need!


ORCHID poster

The poster and abstract on the ORCHID project, including the growing organ-on-chip network in Europe, were presented by hDMT at the EUROoC workshop in Stuttgart.

Organ-on-a-chip Wikipedia

Organ-on-chip technology allows representing in vitro human organs and disease models in the context of human genetics as well as mimicking in vivo disease tissue environment leading to personalized medicine and reduction of animal experimentation in fields as critical as drug development or cancer.

If you want to know more about it,click here


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