Nordic Organ on a Chip Symposium 2019

  Tampere, Finland
  22-23 August, 2019

The purpose of NoOC symposium is to bring together leading scientists and research groups of organ on chip -research field across Nordic countries. We encourage you to network, make contacts, discuss about the recent development, and plan the future of the field together.


XLVI ESAO congress

  Hannover, Germany
  3-7 September, 2019

Annual congress of the European Society for Artificial Organs

Basel LIFE Microfluidics and microenvironment

  Basel, Switzerland
  11 September, 2019

CSEM, the Molecular Evolution Lab of the University of Basel, and the cluster Toolpoint for Lab Science join forces to organize the 2nd Basel Microfluidics and Microenvironment Forum at BASEL LIFE. As in the previous year, the forum will focus on the preparation of microphysiological systems in a microenvironment for boosting the relevance of in-vitro assays towards in-vivo outcome. This includes developments related to organ or model organism on a chip, droplet microfluidics or bioprinting. Newest technological developments and critical insights from the end users will come together at this forum. The forum brings together scientists, entrepreneurs and managers in these fields, from both industry and academia, to exchange ideas and to promote innovation applicable to bio-pharmaceutical development.

Basel Microfluidics and Microenvironment Workshop 2019

  Basel, Switzerland
  11 September, 2019

3D in-vitro models and organ-on-a-chip technologies are paving the way to the next revolution in drug discovery and predictive medicine. Learn more about these technologies and how they are used by pharma leaders. 


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